Living under COVID restrictions

"Back in my day, we were all stuck under house arrest for a few months, because of this strange virus that gripped the world, shut down borders, sent people crazy stockpiling enough toilet paper to last a year, sent the economy spiraling, forced workplaces to adopt working from home and became the reason why we no longer shake hands."That is probably what I will tell my children (if I ever have any children) in the future, as I reflect on 2020 and the year that has been.Melbourne, where I live, is drawing closer towards the end of its sixth week of stage 4 restrictions. Under stage 4 restrictions, the key restrictions are:Four reasons to leave home: work, study, exercise, shoppingCurfew from 8pm to 5amNo more than 1 hour of exercise, and 1 hour shoppingExercise and shopping must take place within 5 km of your homeThese restrictions apparently aren't the worst that the world has seen. And whilst it has changed my day to day routine, it's not unreasonably bad.Here'…